Dermal Fillers Information

Dermal fillers treatment involves adding volume by injecting Hyaluronic Acid to areas of the face to enhance and define facial features and restore a youthful appearance leaving your skin smooth and contoured.

Our appointments include a full consultation prior to treatment, If you are unsure of product and amount of product during the booking process this can be changed on the day of your treatment. Prices vary depending on product and amount of product. We use a range of techniques to achieve your desired result.

Lip Augmentation

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are used for this cosmetic procedure to create volume and definition to enhance the appearance of lips.

Perioral Lines

Often referred to as “smokers lines”, these lines run linear from the boarder of the lips. Often caused by smoking or ageing.

Nasolabial Fold/Marionette Lines

Nasolabial Folds often referred to as “smiles lines” “laugh lines” or “nose to mouth lines”, they are two skin folds that run from either side of mouth to the nose.

Marionette Lines are long vertical lines from the corner of each side of the mouth to the chin. They appear with age.

Cheeks Enhancement

The cheeks are often treated with dermal filler for a more contoured facial appearance or to add volume in ageing skin. We use a combination of needle and cannula to achieve your desired result.

Chin Enhancement

Dermal Filler is used to elongate the chin, or define and fill chin "dips" or “dimples”.

Jawline Augmentation

Great for those who want a defined jawline or softening the appearance of jowls in ageing skin.

Dermal Filler Rejuvenation

This option is perfect for those who wish to treat more than one area. Areas we can treat with this option are Jawline, Chin, Cheeks, Nasolabial/Marionette Lines. We use a combination of needle and cannula to achieve desired result.